Rent types

There are three options of renting an apartment or a house in Korea.

First, there something called ' Wolse ( monthly payment + deposit )'
It is variation of 'Jeonse' in which you pay a certain sum as a security deposit.
( usually worth about 1 ~ 2 years rent ) and pays a monthly rent on the designated date of each month.

'Kalse'( full payment up front ) means that the rent is paid for the entire period of
the lease before the tenant moves in.

' Jeonse (key money deposit )' is specific to involves depositing a large sum of money
usually works out to 50 ~ 90 % of the property value/price with the landlord for the
duration of the lease ( usually 2 years ).

* The lease period is usually for a minimum of one year and a maximum period of three years.